How to share app-free keys

One great advantage of Remootio is the possibility to share virtual keys. Each regular Remootio device comes with 20 unique keys and one guest key that can be shared with other people.

Unique keys are the recommended way to share keys with others, and sharing them has a lot of benefits compared to always sharing the guest key. 

Keys can be shared in several ways, including QR code, text message or email.
However, thanks to the latest update, we added a new feature to facilitate key sharing options for our users;

You can read more about how to share keys here.

So, the new feature gives us the possibility to share app-based or app-free keys. 


  •  Wi-Fi & Internet enabled Remootio device. 

App-based key

In case of the app-based key, the recipient can add the key to their Remootio application by scanning the QR code using the 'receive key' function of their Remootio smartphone app or by using the link shared with them. 

App-based key

App-free key

With regards to the app-free key, the recipient can control the device with their web browser by scanning the QR code or using the link shared with the 'share link' button. No need to download the Remootio app. 

app-free key

Using the link, it is now possible to operate the Remootio device via web interface.

shared key web interface

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us an email to and our support team will be at your immediate assistance.