How to share virtual keys from the Remootio app?

Key sharing via QR code

1. Open the Remootio app

and swipe left or right until you find the card that belongs to the gate or garage door you want to give access to and tap on the key icon on the bottom of the screen.

Select the "key icon" on the bottom of the screen

2. Tap on "Share a new key"

Select "Share a new key"

3. Decide if you would like to share a guest key or a unique key

  • Unique keys can only be shared with one person. Access rights of unique keys can be enabled and disabled one by one.
  • Guest keys can be shared with an unlimited number of people, but the access rights can only be managed together as a group. This means that all the people in the guest key group will have the same access rights.

After deciding which type of key you would like to share with someone, please tap on the corresponding button. In this example, we share a "unique key".


4. Enter the name of the receiving person

Enter a name for each key you share. It will help you later identify who you've shared keys with and revoke or modify access rights accordingly.


5. A QR code will be shown on your smartphone

Show this QR code to the person you want to share a key with.


6. Launch the Remootio app on the recipient's smartphone

and tap on the "Receive new key button"

 Receive New Key


7. Scan the QR code using the recipient's smartphone

QR Scan

 The recipient can now use your Remootio until you (the admin) revoke access rights.

Key sharing via text message or email

After a key is created, you can tap on the button marked in the picture below to generate a link that can be shared via any messaging app. If the user that receives the key has already downloaded the Remootio app, then tapping on this link will automatically load the key.

remootio share key by message link