Smart gate and garage door opener special offer for installers

Are you a gate / garage door opener installer and are you looking for a smart gate or garage door opener accessory to offer to your clients?

If yes, then Remootio might be the product you are looking for.

Remootio connection to gate and garage door via Bluetooth and WiFi and Internet


Key features (from the perspective of your client / the end user):

  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
    • Bluetooth is ideal when Wi-Fi is not available or not strong enough at the gate or garage door opener
    • Wi-Fi connection can be used to control the gate or garage door from anywhere in the world and it's also needed for smart home integrations
  • Security
    • Very secure, 256 bit end-to-end encrypted communication
    • Keys are stored in the Remootio device and in the smarthpone (not in the cloud)
  • Smart home integrations
    • Amazon Alexa
    • Google Home
    • Samsung SmartThings
  • Easy key sharing via QR code and text messages
    • Up to 20 virtual keys can be shared with family and friends
    • Access rights can be limited based on
      • time (certain hours on certain days of the week)
      • connection method (for example, the gardener only has Bluetooth access)
      • revoke access rights (for example after the Airbnb guests left, they no longer need to have access to your gate)
  • Push notifications
    • When a certain key owner operates the gate
    • When the gate was left open for a certain amount of time
  • Automations
    • Open or close the gate at certain times of the day (for example open at 8:00 am and close at 16:00)
  • Logging (history)
    • The admin can check the gate / garage door related events (such as opening, closing) with a time stamp.

Benefits (from your perspective, as an installer)

  • Remootio is easy to install:
    • The Remootio kit includes everything you'll need for the installation so you don't need to use any extra wires or parts.
    • We have an online compatibility checker with wiring diagrams for several brands and models:
    • There is an animated online installation manual that helps with the installation
    • Remootio 3 works from a wide range of voltage levels (5-32VDC and 12-24VAC) so you can easily power it from the control board of most gate and garage door openers.
    • Our support team is here to help you if you get stuck with the installation:
  • Remootio has two relay outputs so it also works with gates and garage door openers that need two separate signals (one for opening and another one for closing)
  • Remootio has a very robust design and a stable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection so your customers won't keep calling you to go back to the site to fix connection issues.
  • After finishing the installation you can set up Remootio with your own smartphone and transfer the admin rights to the owner later on via QR code or via a text message.


Remootio smart gate and garage door opener

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