Tutorials and Guides

Installation Manuals

Remootio 3
Remootio 3 installation manual
Remootio 2
Remootio 2 installation manual
Remootio 1
Remootio 1 installation manual

Smart Home Integrations:

Smart Garage Door opener with HomeKit compatibility
How to use Remootio with Apple HomeKit
Amazon Alexa
How to use Remootio with Amazon Alexa
Google Assistant Google Home
How to use Remootio with Google Assistant
Samsung SmartThings
How to use Remootio with Samsung SmartThings
Homebridge icon
How to use Remootio with HomeBridge


Control via:

Smartphone icon
iOS and Android Smartphones
Control Garage Door with Siri Shortcuts
Siri Shortcuts
Apple Watch
Apple Watch
Open API
Open API


Works with:

Electric Gate Icon
Most electric gates
Garage Door Opener Icon
Most garage door openers
Electric Strike
Most electric strikes


Connection methods:

How to use Remootio via Bluetooth only?
Wi-Fi icon
How to connect Remootio to a Wi-Fi network
Internet Access
How to connect Remootio to the Internet (via Wi-Fi)


Features and help pages:

256 bit end to end encryption
256 bit end-to-end encryption
Alerts and Notifications
Alerts & notifications
Android widgets for Remootio
Automatic Opening
Automatic opening
Status sensor
Open / Close status sensor
Virtual keys and easy key sharing

How to share keys

How to increase the number of unique keys of a Remootio
How to increase number of unique keys
Virtual keys and easy key sharing
How to share app-free keys
Remootio Access right management

Access right management

Automations - scheduling
How to set up automations
Customizable App
How to customize the Remootio app
Logging - History
How to find event logs
Firmware updates
Software and firmware updates
Remootio Remootio device software release notes
Remootio Serial Number
Where can I find Remootio's serial number
How to reset a Remootio unit
How to reset a Remootio smart garage door opener
Transfer Admin Key on a Remootio
Transfer Admin Key (Continue using Remootio with a new smartphone)
Control multiple gates and garage doors in the same app
How to control multiple gates and garage doors in the same Remootio app
Remootio Remootio smartphone app version
Remootio What's the difference between Remootio 3 and Remootio 2
Remootio What's the difference between Remootio 1 and Remootio 2
Remootio Replacement fuse for Remootio 2
How does Remootio provide a subscription-free service?
Remootio How do I know the MAC address of my Remootio smart garage door opener?
Language Icon
How to change the language of the Remootio app?



Wiring diagrams available for most gates and garage doors
Wiring diagrams available for most electric gate and garage door openers
Small size - fits almost anywhere
How to protect Remootio from the elements
Wide operating voltage range
What voltage levels are acceptable for Remootio?
How to strip a wire and connect Remootio to a battery power source
How to strip the wire and connect to a battery
2x output relays
Output settings of Remootio
Remootio Feedback LED blinking speed meaning
Remootio LED blinking speed meaning
Gate Monitoring Camera
Camera installation guide
Gate Monitoring Camera

Using your own camera with the Remootio app

Gate Monitoring Camera

Camera Wi-Fi setup QR code generator

How to install a Doorbell
Remootio Doorbell installation guide
Remootio How to mount Remootio to a surface?
Remootio Do smart garage door and gate openers work with older models?
Remootio Does Remootio work with solar powered gates?


Orders and delivery:

Delivery Icon
 Which country is Remootio delivered to?
What is included in the Box Icon
 What is included in the box?
Remootio Shopping Cart Icon
 From where and how to order Remootio




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