Remootio 2 installation manual

Thank you for choosing Remootio 2!

 Step 1 - Unboxing

Open the box and remove the Remootio device. The wires, double-sided adhesives and the sensor can be found under the removable paper insert.


 Step 2 - Read the instruction manual carefully and follow the instructions

The printed instruction manual can be found on the back side of the paper insert.


Step 3 - Remove the plastic cover

Use a cross head screwdriver to remove the screw from the Remootio unit and remove the plastic cover.

Dismantle Remootio

Pinout diagram

 Step 4 - Connect the control output of the Remootio unit to the appropriate input terminals of your gate or garage door. 

Based on the type of required control input, there are two types of gates and garage doors:

  • A single signal (impulse) can open, stop and close the gate or garage door
  • Two separate signals (impulses) needed:
    • One signal for opening
    • and another signal for closing.

Single input type:

Different manufacturers name their control inputs differently. The most common terms are as follows:


Connect Remootio's control output to the appropriate input terminal of your garage door / gate control board.

Please visit and enter the make and model of your gate or garage door to search for the correct wiring diagram.

 Control Wire Installation


Dual input type (separate input for opening and closing):

 Connect Remootio's output #1 to the "open" input terminal of your gate or garage door control unit and connect Remootio's output #2 to the "close" input terminal of your gate or garage door control unit.

Dual Connection

 Step 5 - Sensor installation

Connect the sensor to terminal 4 of the Remootio 2 unit and use the included adhesives to mount the wireless part of the sensor on the moving part of the gate or garage door in such a way that it is not further than 30mm from the wired part of the sensor when the gate or garage door is closed.

 Sensor Installation

For more details and images about the sensor installation, please check our sensor installation tutorial.


Step 6 - Connecting an accessory

You can connect a push button or a doorbell button to terminal 5 of the Remootio board.

 Doorbell Button Installation

Step 7 - Assemble the Remootio unit back together

Use a screwdriver to assemble the Remootio unit. Make sure that you do not damage the wires during the assembly.

Apply the double sided tape on the back side of Remootio as shown below:


Step 8 - Powering Remootio

To power Remootio 2, simply use the included 5V USB power adapter with the plug type suitable for your country. 

Remootio Power

Alternatively, if you don't have a socket near your gate or garage door, you can use the power adapter shown below:

Remootio wired power adapter

Step 9 - Download the Remootio app

Remootio app

Step 10 - Set up the Remootio unit

Launch the Remootio app and make sure your smartphone's Bluetooth is enabled. Tap on "Set up new device" and wait until the Remootio app finds the Remootio unit and sets it up. 

Remootio setup

Your new Remootio 2 is now ready to use.