How to create Android widgets for Remootio


In this guide we will guide you through the steps required to set up Android widgets working with your Remootio device.


-Your Remootio device is set up
-Your cellphone connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data.


1) Unlock your cellphone.
2) Tap and hold on the home screen.
3Click "widgets"

android home screen configuration

4Search for "Remootio" widget.

Remootio Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled smart remote controller Android widget

5Choose your Remootio device and "Select action on widget press", then add widget.

widget configuration screen

6Place and size the widget.

android home screen with remootio widget

You have successfully set up your Remootio Android widget.

android home screen with remootio widget

From now on, if you click on the Remootio widget, it will do the action that you have selected in the "widget configuration". You can create as many Remootio widgets as you would like to.