How to strip the power cord

One of the biggest differences between the Remootio 2 and 3 models is that the Remootio 3 has a wide operating voltage range, therefore you can use the dedicated terminals of your gate control board to power the Remootio 3 unit. 
The operating voltage range of Remootio 3 is: 5-32V DC | 12-24 VAC

Tap power from the control board

We recorded the following tutorial video to demonstrate this process, thus make it even more convenient and understandable if someone does it at home;

Tools used in the video;

- Remootio barrel jack & USB power cord

- blanking tool

- crimping tool

Strip the power cord:

Warning: do not strip the power cord of a Remootio 2 unit, as it only operates with 5V DC voltage, so you'll need the USB cable.

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