What voltage levels are acceptable for Remootio?

Voltage Remootio

1., Powering Remootio

Warning - switch of the circuit breaker before installation

Before you begin, make sure that the circuit breaker of your gate or garage door is switched off and there is no power in the system.

a., To power Remootio 2, simply use the included 5V USB power adapter with the plug type suitable for your country. 

Remootio Power

Alternatively, if you don't have a socket near your gate or garage door, you can use the power adapter shown below:

Remootio wired power adapter

 b., There are four ways you can power your Remootio 3 unit:

Use the included USB charger to power the Remootio 3 device 

USB power Remootio 3 smart garage door opener

The correct type of USB charger will be included in your kit depending on where you order from.

USB chargers type A (US) type C (EU) type I (AUS) type G (UK)

Tap the power from the gate control board

 Gate control board power supply smart gate opener

Remootio 3 has a wide operating voltage range, so you can use the dedicated terminals of your gate control board to power the Remootio 3 unit. 
The operating voltage range of Remootio 3 is: 5-32V DC | 12-24 VAC

Operating voltage range of Remootio 3 smart garage door opener

Solar / battery powered operation

You can connect Remootio's power cord to the battery of a solar powered gate system as long as the voltage of the battery is within Remootio's operating voltage range 5-32V DC | 12-24 VAC.
(note: Most batteries used in solar powered gates are 12V)

Solar powered smart gate opener

At 12 Volts, the average current consumption of Remootio 3 is ~30mA in normal mode and ~15mA in low power mode. (If needed, you can turn on low power mode in the Remootio app / settings / low power mode).
A typical gate battery has 7000mAh of charge. This means that a Remootio 3 unit can operate on a single battery for weeks, even if the battery is not recharged. In solar powered gate systems the battery is being recharged by the solar system during daytime which means that the system can run continuously throughout the year without the battery being drained.

External 110V/230V to 5V power adapter 

Alternatively, if you don't have a wall socket near your gate or garage door and there is also no way to tap power from the gate or garage door control board,  the power adapter shown below can be used:

 External Power supply smart gate opener

(When installing the power adapter, please leave all previously connected wires in place and only add the blue (Neutral) and brown (Line) wires of the power adapter to the corresponding terminals. The APV 8-5 power adapter can convert 110VAC or 230 VAC to 5 Volts. Please do not install the external power adapter of Remootio unless you are a professional or you are fully knowledgeable about what you are doing. 

If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ page or let us know via e-mail at support@remootio.com