Smart garage door opener with logging

If you have a Remootio smart gate and garage door opener, you can monitor when or by whom your gate or garage door was opened or closed. 

To see the activity log, open the Remootio app and tap on the Activity Log icon:

Smart gate opener logging history icon
Remootio smart garage door opener with logging event history

What can you see from the Activity Log?

  • The timestamp of each event is visible in the left column in the following format:
  • If someone you shared access with operated the gate using the Remootio app, you'll see the log:
    • <GateName> was operated by <UserName>
  • If the gate was opened or closed using a traditional remote, the log will look like this:
    • <GateName> status changed to open
    • <GateName> status changed to closed
  • If you are using an automation (to automatically open or close the gate or garage door at certain times of the day or on certain days of the week), the events will be shown in the following format:
    • <GateName> was operated by an automation 
    • Output 1 or Output 2 is activated
    • Output 1 or Output 2 is deactivated
    Smart gate opener with event history logging