Remootio output settings

If Remootio is wired to the gate or garage door correctly, but it doesn't open or close the gate, there are two things you can try to make it work after checking that the problem isn't caused by a loose connection.

Changing the impulse width:

Go to Settings:


Then select "Output Implulse"


There are two sliders, one for each output. Use them to adjust the impulse width. Slide it to the right to increase the duration of the output signal.



Output configuration

 If you are using both control outputs of Remootio2, you can set them up in different ways depending on what type of gate or garage door you would like to control. Go to settings:


Select "Output Configuration"


Tap on the highlighted button:


Select an option from the scroll menu:


 Output 1 Output 2
disabled gate impulse control
gate impulse control free relay output
free relay output gate impulse control
output to open output to close
output to close output to open
gate impulse control gate impulse control
gate impulse control disabled


After selecting the correct setting hit "Save Changes":