How to make Remootio weatherproof

Installing Remootio inside the plastic enclosure of your gate control board

The best way to protect your Remootio device from water is to install it inside the plastic enclosure of your gate control board. Since Remootio is relatively small, it fits most gate control enclosures.


Using a junction box

Alternatively, if there isn't enough room inside the enclosure of your gate electronics, you can use a separate plastic enclosure / junction box similar to the one shown in the image below:

Junction Box

If you want to buy a junction box, make sure that the size is right. It must be at least slightly bigger than Remootio (54mm x 54mm x 20mm = 2.216in x 2.216in x 0.787in).

The junction box also needs to be weatherproof, which you can check by taking a look at the IPXX number on the datasheet of the junction box. For outdoors use we recommend using a junction box with an IP66 rating or higher.