Smart Gate Opener for Solar Powered Gates

Is it possible to add Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to a solar powered gate?

Yes, it is possible to add Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to your existing solar powered gates. When it comes to solar powered gates, we know that current consumption is very important, that's why we designed Remootio 3 to be an optimal choice for solar powered gates.

Smart Gate Opener Wi-Fi Bluetooth


Current consumption:

At 12 Volts, the average current consumption of Remootio 3 is ~30mA in normal mode and ~15mA in low power mode. (If needed, you can turn on low power mode in the Remootio app / settings / low power mode).
A typical gate battery has 7000mAh of charge. This means that a Remootio 3 unit can operate on a single battery for weeks, even if the battery is not recharged. In solar powered gate systems the battery is being recharged by the solar system during daytime which means that the system can run continuously throughout the year without the battery being drained.

Voltage displayed in the app

The voltage of your solar battery can be displayed in the app and Remootio can notify you if the battery voltage drops below a specified threshold.

Smart gate opener for solar powered gates

Enter the model number of your solar powered gate in the compatibility checker below to see if it's compatible. If you can't find the model you have, please feel free to contact us at




What's included in Remootio 3?

Smart gate and garage door opener includes

The necessary wires and sensor parts are included in the kit.

If you have multiple solar powered gates, you'll need to install one Remootio unit for each gate opener and you'll be able to control all of your solar powered gate openers from the same app.
Control multiple gates and garage doors

For more details, please check out the installation manual or feel free to contact the Remootio Support Team at if you have any questions.