How to mount Remootio to a surface?

How to mount Remootio to a surface?

Using the double-sided adhesive

The easiest way to mount Remootio is to simply use the double-sided adhesive included in the kit:

Remootio Adhesive

Remootio Mounted On Garage Door Opener

The disadvantage of this solution is that if you lose your smartphone and need to reset Remootio, you need to remove the Remootio unit from the surface.

Or you can use the Remootio holder

You can simply mount the holder to a wall using a screw or the double-sided adhesive and slide the Remootio unit into the holder and gravity will keep it in place.

Remootio Holder Sliding In

You can click here to download the 3D files of the Remootio holder in STL file format and 3D print it yourself or you can order one here:

 Remootio Holder