How to reset your Remootio device to the factory state


Sometimes you might need to reset the Remootio device into the factory state (forgetting the keys and access rights) and set it up again. There are two ways to do this:

  • Resetting wirelessly from the app
  • Resetting using the jumper/button

Resetting wirelessly from the app

If you have the admin key for a specific Remootio you can reset it to the factory state right from the app. In order to do this make sure you are connected to your device via Bluetooth, then tap on the cogwheel icon in the bottom left.

Remootio connected via Bluetooth

Scroll down to Reset device and tap on it to reset your device to the factory state.

Remootio reset device

Once the reset is successful you should see that the LED of your Remootio device starts flashing rapidly (approximately 2 flashes per second). 

Make sure to delete the key for the device from the app before setting it up again.

Resetting using the jumper/button

If you do not have the admin key for your Remootio you can still do a hardware-based reset. You need to perform the following steps:

1) Make sure that your device is powered on. 

2) Put the jumper A7 onto the pin headers A6 for about 10 seconds

3) After about 10 seconds depending on the software version your Remootio device you will see that the:

  • LED begins to flash twice in a row, and then pause a bit. This is a signal to remove the jumper in order to finish the reset
  • (for older software) LED turns off

4) Remove the jumper A7 from the pin headers A6

5) Wait until the LED of the device starts flashing rapidly (approximately 2 flashes per second)

6) You can now set up the Remootio device from the Remootio app
(Make sure you've deleted any previous keys to this device from the app before your begin)

Remootio device jumper reset pin button