Remootio LED blinking speed meaning


You can determine the status of your Remootio by taking a look at the feedback LED.

  • The LED blinks approximately twice per second
    • Remootio is powered on and ready to be set up
    • Please download and launch the Remootio app and select "set up new device". Make sure that your smartphone is close to the Remootio unit (within 1 meter / 3 feet)

Remootio not yet set up blinking pace


  • After the Remootio unit is set up successfully, Remootio's LED will blink once every 5 seconds.
    • In this mode users can connect to Remootio via Bluetooth

Remootio set up blinking pace

  •  After setting up Wi-Fi as well, the LED on Remootio will be illuminated continuously.
    • Users can connect to the Remootio unit via Wi-Fi (and if EasyConnect is enabled over the internet as well)


Remootio device WiFi set up successfully