How to use Remootio with Alexa

I. Introduction

In this guide we will go through the steps required to get Alexa working with your Remootio device.

Users do not need to register any account to use their Remootio devices as all keys are stored on the device itself any the user's smartphone. Alexa and Google Home however requires an account to link the skill with, therefore in order to use Alexa or Google Home you will need to register a Remootio account and share a key (that Alexa or Google Home will use) with this Remootio account.

II. Prerequisites

-Your Remootio device is set up
-It's connected to your home Wi-Fi
-Internet access is enabled via EasyConnect
-The status sensor has to be installed and enabled in the Remootio app (Alexa needs to know the current status of your gate or garage door)

III. Steps:

1) Open the Remootio app, and swipe to your device

2) Tap the settings icon in the bottom right corner
Remootio smart gate garage door opener controller iphone app alexa amazon echo device view

3) Scroll down until you see Alexa and Google Home and tap on it

Remootio smart gate garage door opener controller iphone app alexa amazon echo settings menu

You will then see the following screen:

Remootio smart gate garage door opener controller iphone app alexa amazon echo Remootio account screen

4.a) If you already have a Remootio account continue to step 5)

4.b) If you don't have a Remootio account yet, tap on Register Remootio account
Upon successful registration you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Click on the link in the e-mail to verify your account.

5) Log in to your Remootio account. (In the same menu you've reached in step 3). After logging in you should see the following screen:

Remootio smart gate garage door opener controller iphone app alexa amazon echo

6) Tap on Link device. Upon successful linking a key called Smart home will appear in your shared keys list. This is the key Alexa will use. If you disable the internet access rights for this key, Alexa will not be able to operate your gate. In order to unlink your Remootio device from your Remootio account, you need to delete the Smart home key just like any regular key.

Remootio smart gate garage door controller smartphone app shared keys view shows smart home key

7) Go to your Alexa app and search for the smart home skill Remootio. Select it, and enable the skill. You will be prompted to link your Remootio account.

Alexa app amazon echo Remootio skill visible

8) Log in with your Remootio account that you've used in step 5 

9) Upon successful account linking discover new smart home devices by Alexa either using the Alexa app or saying "Alexa, discover new smart home devices"

Amazon Alexa app successful account linking

10) When the discovery finishes you should see a new device of type smart lock with the name of your Remootio device in the Remootio app. 

Alexa app discovered Remootio device as smart lock successfully

You have successfully set up Remootio to work with Alexa. You can control your device by saying (in the example utterances the Remootio device is called Front gate): 
"Alexa, lock the Front gate",

"Alexa, is the Front gate locked" / "Alexa, is the Front gate unlocked"

"Alexa, unlock the Front gate",

In order to open your gate by voice, you need to enable unlocking by voice. 

How to enable unlocking by voice for a smart lock with Alexa

I. Introduction

This guide will help you enable unlock by voice for your Alexa-enabled smart lock. When users set up your new smart lock with the Amazon Echo they are initially only allowed to lock and to check the status of their device by saying:

"Alexa, lock my device"

"Alexa, is my device locked?" / "Alexa, is my device unlocked?"

However the command "Alexa, unlock my device" needs to be enabled separately.

II. Here are the steps to enable unlock by voice:

1) Go to the devices tab in the Alexa app, and tap on your smart lock 

2) Tap on the settings icon in the top right corner

Alexa app smart lock device view settings icon highlighted

3) Tap on unlock by voice. Here you will need to enter a PIN code that Alexa will ask you every time you want to unlock your smart lock to verify you are authorized to do so. You will be prompted to confirm this decision by logging in to your Alexa account.

Alexa app enable unlock by voice unlocking by voice option for smart lock

Now you are able to unlock your smart lock by linked to your Echo by saying:

"Alexa, unlock my device
After this Alexa will prompt you for the PIN code you entered above. Once you tell her the correct pin your smart lock will unlock.

What to do if you don't have the Unlock by voice option in the Alexa app? Currently unlocking by voice is only available in a few countries so if the option is not available in your location you will not be able to use unlock by voice. It is worth checking every one in a while because there is a chance that Amazon will enable this feature for your location as well.

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