How to customize the Remootio app

Renaming a gate or garage door

To rename a Remootio device in the Remootio app, simply touch and hold (long press) the current name of device in the app and type in the new name when the text input field pops up.



Add a photo of your gate or garage door 

Touch and hold (long press) the main Remootio button (highlighted in orange below).


Take a photo of your gate or garage door by tapping on the square.



The photo will appear as the background of the button:


Alternatively you can also find the same camera feature in the settings by tapping on this icon: 


Changing the background color

 To change the background color, tap on this icon in the settings menu: 


Choose the color you like by tapping on a color. There are 12 colors to choose from:


If you can't find a color you like, you can touch and hold (long press) the last color in the second row and a text input field will pop up. 


You can enter your favourite color in HEX format and hit OK. Make sure you start the six digit HEX code with a hashtag #. For example #070707.