How to increase the number of available unique keys


Each regular Remootio device comes with 20 unique keys and one guest key which can be shared with other people. 

The difference between unique keys and the guest key are detailed below:

Unique keys

  • One unique key works on one smartphone only
  • Access rights of each unique key can be managed individually
  • The recommended way to share keys with others is using unique keys

Guest key

  • The guest key can be shared with an unlimited amount of smartphones
  • The access rights of all the guest key holders can be managed as a group (if the guest key is disabled, none of them will have access)
  • Internet access is limited for guest keys

Unique keys are the recommended way to share keys with others, and sharing them has a lot of benefits compared to always sharing the guest key. If you think that you need to have more than 20 unique keys, we have a new solution for that: It is now possible to upgrade the number of unique keys in your Remootio to 100 using this activation license

How to activate the 100 key upgrade license code

If you already have a 100 key upgrade code you can follow the steps below in order to activate it

1. Make sure your Remootio device is set up and that you have the admin key for the device (otherwise set up your new device first)

2. Open the Remootio app

3. This procedure requires that your Remootio device runs v2.22 or newer. Please check out this article to see how to update the software of your Remootio device if it runs an earlier software version.

4. Swipe to your Remootio device in the app, and go to the device settings by tapping on the cogwheel icon in the bottom right corner

open settings view for Remootio

5. Scroll down until you see the menu item Number of unique keys and then tap on it. 

number of unique keys menu

6. Tap on enter code and enter the code you have received per e-mail. The code should be in a XXXXXXXX format (where X can be a letter or a number)

enter upgrade code

After you have entered the code your Remootio checks it and starts sending the new keys to your smartphone. You should receive 80 keys so the number of unique keys becomes 100.