How to add the Siri shortcuts Widget

1. Open the Remootio app and tap on the settings icon

Tap on the settings button

2. Select "Add to Siri"

Select Add to Siri shortcuts

3. Enter the command that you wish to use for operating your Remootio unit

You can use a custom phrase to operate the Remootio unit via Siri shortcuts.

After you typed in the custom phrase, tap on "Save Shortcut"

Enter the command

4. Edit the widgets screen

Quit the Remootio app and navigate to the widgets screen and tap on "Edit"

Go To Widgets

5. Add the Siri widget

Tap on the "+" icon in the top left corner of the screen to add a widget.

Edit widgets

6. Search for Shortcuts in Widgets

and tap on the Shortcuts icon
Add Siri shortcuts to widgets

7. Select the widget type

and hit "Add Widget"
Add the Remootio Shortcut widget

8. Arrange the Widgets as you wish

and tap on "Done" when you finished rearranging the Widgets
Siri Widget added successfully

9. Your Remootio Siri Widget is now ready to use

Widget ready to use