Using your own Foscam camera with the Remootio app

Use your existing Foscam cameras

If your existing Foscam camera is one of the supported models you can use it with the Remootio app by applying a camera activation code in the Remootio app.

remootio foscam camera

Compatible models:

  • Foscam S41

 If your model is not listed above it may still be compatible with the Remootio app. Please get in touch with us at

Entering the activation code

Make sure your camera is reset, then go settings menu / camera option in the app.

Scan the QR code on your camera that contains the device identifier. 

If you haven't purchased the camera through the Remootio website or a Remootio dealer the app will tell you that an "Activation code is needed". Get your activation code and press the "Enter camera activation code" button in the "Activation code is needed" screen and enter the code. Upon successful activation the app will take you back to the screen where you are required to scan the QR code with the device identifier again. 

From this point you can follow our  outdoor camera setup guide with the next steps.

Cameras bought on our store are pre-activated.