Can I add WiFi to my electric gate opener?

Can I add Wi-Fi to my electric gate opener?

Is it possible to make an older model electric gate opener smart?

Absolutely! Most older model electric gate openers have an option to add a wall control panel / push button which you can use to open or close the electric gate. Smart gate openers can be wired to these push button terminals. When the user wants to close or open the gate through the smartphone app, the smartphone sends a signal to the smart gate opener, which in turn acts like a push button and operates the gate.

How do smart gate openers work?

Smart gate openers consist of a wireless module (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee or a combination of these protocols), a power management unit, one or more relays and some input terminals for accessories and sensors.

The way smart gate openers for older models work is illustrated below:


Smart gate opener for older models


 The smartphone connects to the smart gate opener unit via a wireless protocol (such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Zigbee). When the button in the app is pressed, a signal is transmitted to the smart gate opener, which pulls in a relay for a certain amount of time. This has the same effect as a push of a button from the perspective of the gate opener, which will then open or close depending on its current status.

How can I add Wi-Fi to my gate opener?

On most gate opener control boards, you'll find a terminal for a push button or wall control panel. You can wire the control signal cable of the smart control unit to these terminals in most cases. 

A lot of manufacturers use different naming conventions for these push button input terminals. The most common naming schemes are:

  • CYC (an abbreviation of Cycle, as in cycle through the opening and closing phases when the button is pushed)
  • OSC (stands for Open/Stop/Close)
  • IMP (an abbreviation of impulse input)
  • PB (stands for Push Button)
  • SBS (stands for Step-by-Step)
  • PP 
  • STRT (abbreviation of Start)
  • SW (as in Switch)
  • TRG (stands for Trigger, as in triggering an impulse to open or close the garage door)


Olded model garage door openers

 If you'd like to check if your electric gate opener is compatible with a smart gate opener Wi-Fi add-on, please enter the model number of your gate opener below:


How can I get a gate opener for my older model gate opener?

You can get your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled smart garage door opener from

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