How to replace battery in Marantec M3-2312, M3-2314, M3-3313 remotes

What type of battery do I need for the Marantec M3-2312, M3-2314, M3-3313 remote?

You'll need a CR2032 battery:

CR2032 battery

To replace the battery, follow the steps below:

Step 1: open the remote using a 5 Euro cent (or another similar-sized) coin 

Marantec remote battery replacement

Step 2: remove the top part of the remote, remove the old battery and insert the new one and then snap the two parts of the remote together.

Marantec 0503 battery replacement


For more details, please check the manual of Marantec M3-2312, M3-2314, M3-3313 remotes which you can download here.

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