How to use Remootio with CarPlay

After our HomeKit integration was released at the end of 2022, many customers inquired whether Remootio can be used with CarPlay now that Remootio 3 is compatible with HomeKit. The answer is simple: yes.

In the tutorial below, we present the steps that you can follow to control your Remootio via the CarPlay user interface.

HomeKit icon



1., Integrate your Remootio with HomeKit

To be able to use Remootio with Carplay, you must first integrate the Remootio device with HomeKit.

We have a detailed tutorial on this, so please start with this first


2., Access your garage door using your CarPlay interface

The most common question that arises is why there is no separate Remootio app for CarPlay? Fortunately, there is no need for it.

After completing the HomeKit integration, the garage door will automatically appear on the CarPlay interface when you approach your home.

CarPlay interface

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