Indoor camera setup guide: Foscam


This guide shows you how to set up a Remootio compatible Foscam camera with the Remootio app. After setting up the camera you will be able to see your gate and garage door right from the app where you can also control it.

1. Factory reset camera

Make sure the camera is in the factory reset state. If it is not please reset it. On the Foscam X4 you can do this by pressing the reset button located at the bottom or the camera behind a plastic plug until you hear "reset succeeded"

2. Setup in the Remootio app

2.1. Swipe to the card of the Remootio device in the app you want to pair the camera with. Enter the settings menu and scroll down to Camera.

Camera menu

2.2. Select the Foscam camera from the list of available camera types.

Select camera type

2.3. Power on your camera (if it was already plugged in disconnect the power and reconnect is). Wait until you hear "Hello foscam". At this point the LED on a Foscam X4 device should be blinking (Note: for other models the LED may behave differently)

Foscam setup step Remootio app

2.4. Tap next, and scan the QR code on the camera that contains the device identifier

If you have a Foscam camera you've purchased previously and not through our shop or official reseller you can still use the camera with the Remootio app. In this case the app will tell you "Activation code is needed". You can acquire the activation code from our shop. Please follow the this tutorial until you have successfully activated your camera.

2.5. Enter the SSID and password for your Wi-Fi network and press next. For Foscam X4 models by this time you already should have heard "Ready for Wi-Fi configuration"

Camera wifi configuration

Note: If your Foscam camera is not Wi-Fi enabled, and is plugged in via an ethernet cable: 

  • Make sure your phone is connected to the same network where the camera is plugged into
  • Write any characters into the SSID and password field and continue to the next step.
  • When the QR code is displayed, ignore it and just hit next and continue the setup process from 2.7 in this guide.

2.6 Scan the QR code displayed by your smartphone with the camera. In case of Foscam X4 models once the QR code is recognized the camera will say "Wi-Fi connecting" and upon successful connection it will say "Wireless connection succeeded".

Camera Wi-Fi configuration QR code

If you are having trouble getting the QR code scanned by the camera try the following steps:

  • Set the brightness of your smartphone's screen to maximum
  • Wipe the camera lenses with a clean cloth
  • Move the QR code slowly farther from the camera, then move it slowly closer again. 
  • Try rotating the QR code by 90 degrees in both directions and moving it closer/farther
  • Print the QR code on a piece of paper and try scanning that

 2.7 After you've heard "Wireless connection succeeded" you can go to the next step.

  • Make sure that your smartphone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network you have just connected your camera to
  • Make sure your Remootio app is connected to your Remootio by checking the connection icons at the top of the screen

2.8 Tap Configure camera. After the configuration is finished you should see camera in the app.

Camera setup finished

Congratulations, you have successfully configured your Foscam camera with the Remootio app.

Adding the camera to the Foscam app as well (optional)

After setting up the camera with the Remootio app you can also set it up in the Foscam app to access other manufacturer-related features. You can do this by following this guide.