Smart Garage Door Opener for Rademacher Garage Door Openers

You can easily make your Rademacher garage door opener smart

Luckily you don't necessarily have to buy a new opener to have a smart garage opener. You can simply install Remootio, a small hardware add-on to make your existing garage door opener smart. Remootio needs to be wired to the control board of your existing Rademacher garage door opener and it can connect to your smart home hub and smartphone via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
Smart Garage Door WiFi Bluetooth

After installing Remootio, you'll be able to:

  • Use your smartphone to control your garage door via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or over the Internet.
  • Check if your garage door is open or closed.
  • Use Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Samsung SmartThings to operate the garage door.
  • Check who opened or closed the garage door.
  • Use your Apple Watch and Siri Shortcuts to operate your garage doors.
  • Send virtual keys to your family, friends, guests or your gardener and revoke their access rights anytime.
  • Open the garage door automatically as you arrive home (geofencing).
  • Schedule when the garage door should automatically open and close. 

You'll need:

  • A working garage door opener
  • A Remootio unit
    Remootio 2
  • A small cross head screw driver
  • A wiring diagram for easy installation
    (Select the model number of your garage door opener below and take a look at the wiring diagram)



Smart gate and garage door opener includes

The necessary wires and sensor parts are included in the kit.

To power the Remootio unit, you can use the included wall mount AC adapter or you can use one of the adapters below if you don't have a wall socket near your garage door opener:


Power adapter for smart gate and garage door opener
Power adapter for smart gate and garage door opener
If you have multiple garage doors, you'll need to install one Remootio to control your Rademacher openers from the same app.
Control multiple gates and garage doors


For more details, please check out the installation manual or feel free to contact the Remootio Support Team at if you have any questions.