HomeKit garage door opener setup using Remootio 3

HomeKit Garage Door Opener

    HomeKit garage door opener

    You can easily make your existing garage door opener work with Apple HomeKit by installing a Remootio 3 unit, which works with most garage door openers.

    You can use the following voice commands:


  • Open garage door.
  • Close garage door.
  • Is garage door open?

    Which Remootio models work with Apple Home?

    The following Remootio models are compatible with Apple Home: 

    • Remootio 3
    • Remootio 2

    This article focuses on the Remootio 3 but you can also follow along if you have a Remootio 2 unit.

    Is Remootio 3 compatible with my existing garage door opener?

    Please enter the model number of your garage door opener below to check if it is compatible:

    If you are not sure about compatibility of your garage door opener with Remootio 3, please feel free to contact us at support@remootio.com

    How to set up Remootio 3 with Apple HomeKit?

    You can set up the HomeKit integration by following the steps in the tutorial below:

    Step 1, Make sure that your Remootio 3 is installed and set up correctly.

     You can visit the Remootio 3 installation guide for reference.

    Step 2, Select the type of device (gate or garage door opener)

    Please note that Apple HomeKit only works if you select your device is a garage door opener.

    Select the type of opener you have (garage door, electric gate etc)

    Step 3, Go to the settings menu

     Tap on the cogwheel icon in the bottom right corner of the main screen.

    Tap on the "settings" icon in the bottom right corner

    Step 4,  Select HomeKit

     Tap on "HomeKit" from the menu.

    Select HomeKit icon from the smart home menu

    Step 5, Integrate with HomeKit

    Tap on the integrate with "HomeKit" button.

    Integrate with HomeKit

    Step 6, Select a home 

    You can select a home (if you have multiple homes) or just simply select the one you have.

    Select a home in HomeKit

    Step 7, Give permission

    Allow Remootio to access your Home Data.

    Step 8, (optional) Add your first home

    If you don't have a Home in the Home app yet, you need to add your home first.

    Add first home

    Step 9, Choose a home

    Tap on the name of your home that you wish to add Remootio to. If you have multiple homes, they will appear below each other.

    Step 10, Add Garage Door to Apple Home

    Tap on the "Add to Apple Home" button to continue.

    Add garage door to Apple Home

    Step 11, Wait until the setup is in progress

    This usually takes a few seconds but may take up to a few minutes.

    Connecting Garage Door to HomeKit

    Step 12, Select the location of the garage door

    Select "Garage" and then hit "Continue".

    Select the location of Garage within the Home

    Step 13, Name the garage door

    You can use the default name or enter a custom name.

    Enter a default name or use the default name for your garage door in HomeKit

    Step 14, Setup successful

    Congratulations, your garage door has been successfully added to your home. Tap on "Done" to start using your garage door opener through HomeKit.

    HomeKit Garage Door Opener Successful setup

    Step 15, Open Home app

    You can open the Home App from the main screen of your iPhone or you can tap on "Open Home app" in the Remootio app.

    Open Home App

    Step 16, Testing the garage door opener

    Make sure that it is safe to operate the garage door (no people / obstacles in the path of the garage door) and tap on the button in the Home App to test if it works as expected.

    While the garage door is moving, the text on the button in the Home App will change from "Closed" to "Opening" or from "Open" to "Closing".

    Would you like to use your Remootio 3 with CarPlay too? If so, please read our tutorial.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at support@remootio.com